Healthy Care

Most of us enjoy the luxury of taking our good health for granted, and when we are ill we simply book in to see our family doctor. In Cambodia a health problem can spell disaster for a poor family. Already struggling to make ends meet, a trip to the doctor, or worse, a stay in hospital, can plunge a family into debt for a lifetime. Living on a rubbish dump, walking the streets and scavenging means the people we help nearly always have health problems.

So at DC we aim to improve the health and well-being of not just the children in our care, but the whole community. By teaming up with a range of partners, from village health commitees to government agencies, we help build the means to improve maternal, newborn, child and adult health. We focus on improving nutrition and preventing infectious diseases. DC provides all kinds of basic health care to people in need, from patients seeking help for common ailments to those with chronic illnesses. We arrange hospital referrals and take care of treatment fees. In Cambodian hospitals the patient is responsible for his or her own food and water and anything needed during the stay. We take care of these costs.