About Daruma Support Children 21 Cambodia(DSCC)

was Founded in 1991, DSCC's provides a life changing through education, nourishment and healing to vulnerable children from remote areas of Cambodia. In the beginning our DSCC's have about 15 youngsters but today we have more than 50 children living in the center.

DSCC's was founded by Uchida Kohji and a Cambodian people, who traveled to Cambodia in 1990 then he traveled around Siem Reap and fund many of Cambodian people was very poor also their children could not go to school so he felt very pity while he only can helped them by gave some candy or cash, after he came to Japan he could not sleep well because of whatever he met in Cambodia is keeping in his heart so make he think again and again how to help the poor Cambodia children ?  actually, he is am not rich but he feel very pity and  like Cambodian children so he decided to created a Orphanage Center the name is Daruma Support Children 21 Cambodia (DSCC), At the beginning he collect about 15 very poor children around Siem Reap Province to stayed in DSCC's, so far, he serves as Director of DSCC, from the year 2010 he cannot performed daily fieldwork he only give advise to DSCC’s operation.

As involves responsibility for a children's life, We are as bridge to offer them such as educational, health care, nutrition and safe shelter, joined together with dedication and compassion to provide a full house. In order to develop and heal, the connection with family and community is very important. Allowing the family's opportunity to eliminate from poverty and ensuring that their child’s enable to school and helping rebuild a sense of community not only provides for a better future but also trained the adult as burdens of the children.