DSCC's try to gather the poorest children in Cambodia then send them to public school beside this provide hope, opportunity and security with a solid education, skills the possibilities are endless and that's why it is our greatest priority at DSCC'S

Many children arrives at DSCC having a little or no education. Most can't read or write. event they have spent some time in the public school at homeland, but due to their shortage of foods materials courses, teacher to student ratios, or inability to pay the fees, have not been able to realize their full potential. Our education programs offer dynamic academic content and accelerated learning opportunities. All Daruma Cambodia students are involved in the Darumca Cambodia Education Program. With intensive English as the focus, we concentrate on reading, writing and comprehension. The students love Computer. Daruma Cambodia students are also integrated into the Cambodian public school system for coursework in Khmer language, mathematics and science.

Little ones from three to six years of age can join our preschool program. Here they get the best start to their academic journey, becoming familiar with a school campus before entering formal education in public school. They play in a safe, caring environment while learning Khmer, English, art, traditional songs, hygiene, manners and respect for others.